Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vishal's villain is Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood is emerging the sought after baddie of K-Town. The 'Osthi' villain is now set to cross swords with Vishal for 'Madha Gaja Raja' ('MGR), being directed by Sundar C.

As per the story, Sonu Sood plays a leading industrialist who wants to step into politics to taste power and also to further expand his business activities.

When he resorts to evil means to achieve his mission, he has to face the biggest ever hurdle, in the form of Vishal. The rest is all about the cat and mouse game between the good and the bad.

Says Sonu, who is busy with Bollywood films, "It is an interesting role and am happy to be part of Madha Gaja Raja. Sundar and Vishal are nice colleagues."
*News From (IndiaGlitz [Monday, September 03, 2012]])

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