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'We are friends' - But are they? - An IG friendship day special

It's that time of the year, to cherish the dearest relationship for each and every one of us... Knowing someone or being amicable with them doesn't make them friends. Cinema is a fickle thing, catfights are as normal as normal can get & partying with someone you took a dig at 10 minutes back doesn't really come as a shocker.

IG takes a look at some of the tinsel town friends, those who are 'friends' to please the society and fans, foe turned friends, 'friends' who don't even know each other and so on and so forth...

Rajinikanth - Kamal Haasan


The two living legends in Tamil cinema, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have known each other since their earlier days in cinema; in fact Rajini's debut was in Kamal's Apoorva Ragangal. Both have rightfully earned the names Superstar and Ulaganayagan, for while one is the biggest star in Indian cinema, the other is a multi-faceted actor who has introduced new nuances in cinema.

Celebrating such a star status is bound to bring clashes among one another, some amount of media rivalry & bitterness. However through time the two actors have paved way and set an example for the young and stood strong, supporting and recognizing one another. When Rajini didn't attend the celebrated audio launch of 'Dasavatharam' (2008), rumor mills worked overtime that the superstars have an ego clash and cannot stand one another's victory; however, both gave a deaf ear to it all. When 'Kamal 50' was celebrated in 2009, Rajini's gift (a painting where Goddess of Art held Kamal as a child in her hand and other superstar children including Rajini followed on the ground meaning Kamal is a special child of the art) said it all! Kamal on his turn had expressed Rajini is his best friend in the industry.

Need we say more? This is easily the best relationship that has stood the test of time in Tamil cinema.

Vijay - Ajith


The Thala - Thalapathy of Tamil cinema... You definitely cannot call them the best of friends, they don't claim to be either, but Vijay - Ajith's 'friendship' is one of the most spoken about. While their fans have nasty fights of who is a better star / actor, Vijay and Ajith have always tried to maintain an amicable relationship. Last year during the shoot of Mankatha and Velayudham, Ajith on knowing Vijay is in the same place went and met him and later Vijay came over with his family and presented a watch for Ajith who cooked a meal for Vijay and family. Ajith sported this watch in the film and all this shut those who fight against each other's hero a bit but not entirely.

However, Vijay and Ajith have spoken very little about their friendship to the media or fans.

Dhanush - Simbu

The latest celebrity foe turned friends. Until a while ago Dhanush and Simbu couldn't stand one another and used to take a dig at each other's achievements, films and what not! In fact, they used to have clashes on microblogging pages and Simbu's Vaalu teaser had a dialogue by Hansika that took a direct dig at Dhanush! While one boasted off a Sachin anthem, the other had a Love Anthem to his credit.

As a shocking turn of events, they bonded big time at the SIIMA Awards recently held in Dubai. When they arrived they didn't acknowledge each other's presence but it's said that Dhanush cheered for Simbu when he bagged an award and Simbu did the same when Dhanush received one. Suddenly, when Dhanush was called up on the stage he invited STR to croon 'Kolaveri...' with him much to the shock of the gathered! They further told that they were enemies until then and have buried the hatchet. They traveled back together and recently Simbu threw a huge surprise bash for Dhanush on his birthday!

Is this what people call a shocking surprise?

Simbu - Jiiva


This has been one big time news maker. Initially Simbu was supposed to be cast in super hit 'Ko' but he walked out of it & Jiiva replaced him and ever since then, there has been several spats between them.  In a press meet when Jiiva was asked if Simbu was his friend he passed a comment that he's not but he can trust Simbu but not those who backstab, which backfired at Jiiva as the comment was misinterpreted and bloated up by the media. This took another turn as Jai supported Simbu speaking to a media house. Not just these, when Ko became an instant hit fans criticized the film on Simbu's microblogging page to which he requested them not to discuss others' films on his pages.

All the ugly spats came to an end as Simbu tweeted Jiiva wishing him luck for Nanban and a happy birthday and the latter thanked him. They may not be good friends, but they have visibly buried their differences and taken the first step towards being pals, what say?

Trisha - Nayantara


What's friendship, catfights or gossip without some drama from our girlies? Albeit Trisha and Nayantara shared an amicable relationship initially, offers of one going to another continuously brought about a bitter battle amongst them, which is bound to happen considering that when Nayan was the numero uno queen of Tamil and Telugu cinema, Trisha was her biggest competitor. Most credit the start to this spat to 'Kuruvi' that was initially offered to Nayan. And when Trisha partied with Nayantara's ex, Prabhu Deva, things only got bloated up even more.

However, shockingly, both the actresses started some friendly talk at the 59th South Filmfare Awards and chatted away throughout the award ceremony! It's nice to see two top actresses get together once again!

Trisha - Lakshmi Rai


It all started when Lakshmi Rai told the scribes that she was offered a choice of roles in Venkat Prabhu's Mankatha and chose the character she did as the other, played by Trisha, had no scope and that she was first signed on board. Trisha reacting to this said that if she was given a choice she would have still stuck to the same role as Ajith's lady love in the blockbuster.

However, both the actresses buried their differences at the SIIMA Awards that also paved way for Simbu - Dhanush's friendship.

What's film fraternity without some catfights and gossip? However it's nice to see our stars bury their differences and move on than having ugly spats. IndiaGlitz wishes you all a very Happy Friendship Day!

(News From IndiaGlitz [Saturday, August 04, 2012])

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